The Data shows that Rare Metals like Ultrafine Copper Powder Is Getting More Scarced

Scarcity of Ultrafine Copper Powder

Hoganas Metal powder solutions for the Industry

The Ultrafine Copper Powder is obviously produced from the Copper and every year the production of the copper is less than the needs of all industries around the world. After our analyse of the trading market and the online plateforms, we can estimate that the price of Ultrafine Copper Powder will increase by 8 to 15% yearly for the next 5 years. Non-radioactive and non-toxic!

The Price of Rare Metal Is Rising

Precious Metal Prices

You can own commodities like Ultrafine copper powder and use the assets as a Collateral to get a Credit line in one of the top 10 banks in the world. Invest and stay owner of your commodities.


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