Crystallized Aluminium

Isotopic non-radioactive & non-toxic

Crystallized Aluminium A5N Isotope with purity of 99.9991%

Crystallized Aluminium A5N/A6N Isotope with purity of 99.9999%.

Aluminum Ingots, net weight 26,36 KG with the purity grade of 99,9991% packed in 8 boxes. The boxes are made for dry storage, so that the material is kept stable and will not alter its quality for long time. It is not radioactive and not toxic.

We can provide these legal documents upon after we do initial due diligence about the buyer and if the buyer qualify to purchase goods as per our offer, we will sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement. We are authorised to sell the products by the manufacture.

IGAS Certificate
IGAS Certification
Evaluation Report
Evaluation Report
Deposit Receipt
Deposit Report
Certificate of High Purity Aluminum