Ultrafine Copper Powder ★

Ultrafine Copper Powder is produced by gas atomization condensation method with the result of a minimum purity of 99%. it is used to extend the functionnalities and the ressource capabilities of of many equipment structures. the Ultrafine Copper Powder is used in MLCC, coating, magnetic mineral, rechargeable batteries, frictions materials, Diamond tools, and by majors industries: Energy, Military, Medical, transport, Construction…

Isotopic non-radioactive & non-toxic

Ultrafine Copper Powder

The isotopic composition is that of natural copper:

High Purity Enriched Stable Isotope Copper Powder fraction 63Cu 89,1% ± 0,05% and 65Cu 30,9% ± 0,05% with High Purity of 99,9996%.

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IGAS Certification
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